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Grvà Theft Auto: Vice City was released almost two decades ago & it still manages to lớn be one of the most popular Grvà Theft Auto games out there. The game paved the way for some critically acclaimed titles later down the line, such as Gr& Theft Auto: San Andreas và Gr& Theft Auto 4. The game narrates the story of Tommy Vercetti, who gets released from prison after fifteen years và embarks on a journey to lớn become the crime overlord of Vice City. The fact that the game isn’t that demanding according to lớn today’s standards makes sure that even lower-end rigs are able to run it smoothly without any issues as such. Here is how to play Gr& Theft Auto: Vice City on PC và the complete system requirements of the same.quý khách vẫn xem: Tải game gta vice city 4

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How khổng lồ Download Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on Your Laptop or PC

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City can be downloaded via Steam. Steam is the most comtháng platform for almost all games so you should definitely have a Steam account. Here is how to lớn download Grvà Theft Auto: Vice City via Steam.

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Once you have created your Steam account, go khổng lồ the Grvà Theft Auto: Vice City store page và clichồng on Add khổng lồ Cart. Complete the checkout using your desired payment method. You can also use Domestic Cards và Prepaid Wallets via Novaplay.After that, you need khổng lồ make sure that you install the Steam client on your Desktop. For that, cliông chồng on Install Steam on the Steam trang web and tải về the client. Follow the on-screen instructions to install Steam on your Desktop.After installing, click on Library & select trang chủ. From there, find Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. You need to lớn specify the installation directory and the game will be installed on your PC. Clichồng on Play after it is installed to play the game.

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Gr& Theft Auto: Vice City Minimum PC Requirements List

Like we mentioned earlier, the game isn’t quite demanding so you can easily play it with a low-over system. For playing the game at low settings, you need at least Pentium 3 and 128MB of RAM along with a Clip thẻ of 32MB VRAM.

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Gr& Theft Auto: Vice City Recommended PC Requirements List

If you wish to play the game at high settings, you need a slightly better rig. You should at least have an Hãng Intel Pentium 4 và at least a GeForce 3 or Radeon 8500 đoạn Clip card with 64MB of VRAM.

How khổng lồ Download và Play Grvà Theft Auto: Vice City on Android?

To play the game, you need khổng lồ first buy it from Google Play Store.

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How to lớn Download and Play Gr& Theft Auto: Vice City on iOS?

Grvà Theft Auto: Vice City is also available on iOS devices. Grvà Theft Auto: Vice City is available on all iPhone devices from iPhone 4 onwards, and all ipad tablet devices.

Once you have sầu bought the game, you can install it on your iOS device and start playing.

GTA Vice City: Requirements for Android và iOS Mobiles

GTA Vice City is playable both on Android & iOS platforms. The system requirements for both the platforms are quite basically actually. To start with Android, users need to have a minimum space of 1.5GB to lớn tải về và install the Vice City game. For the iOS version, customers need to have sầu around 2.5GB of space in order lớn install. Interestingly, when the installation is complete it should only take 1.5GB of space.


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