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You can help your baby learn và have fun with the right baby games on your Mobile device. Here are the best Android baby games lớn entertain & educate!

It’s probably true that babies shouldn’t be holding expensive sầu smartphones or tablets. They have sầu a penchant for breaking those things. However, if you’re brave sầu, your Smartphone device can be a small window lớn a world that can entertain your kids for hours, và sometimes it can even help educate them. Babies don’t have sầu a ton of fine motor skills. The best games for them are simple ones where they can just hammer on the screen and enjoy the fun colors along with the goofy sound effects. Here are the best Android baby games.

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The best Android baby games


Androbaby is a developer on Google Play. They have sầu done quite a few baby games. Some of them are perfect for young kids. Some of the games include First Words for Babies, Kids Farm trò chơi, Baby Flashcards, Animal Sounds, & Learning Colors for Babies. They have games for older folks too such as 2048. Most of the games are không tính tiền with ads. You can usually remove sầu the ads for a nominal price. Those who subscribe khổng lồ Google Play Pass can get most of Androbaby’s games for không tính tiền.

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AppQuiz baby games

Price: Free / Varies (usually around $1.99-$2.99)

App Quiz is another developer on Google Play. They also have a decent number of good baby games. Some of the titles include Baby Puzzles, Baby Musical Instruments, Baby Balloons, Toddler và Baby Games, Car Wash for Kids, and several more. The games are simple, colorful, và noisy. They’re essentially just sản phẩm điện thoại game versions of real life kids toys. Each game is không tính tiền to tải về. There is advertising if you stiông chồng with the không tính phí version. The paid versions remove sầu advertising.

FooFoo Kids is another tiện ích developer on Google Play with a bunch of baby games và games for older kids too. It may take some searching to lớn find the baby appropriate games. However, they vì have sầu super simple stuff like balloon popping & a coloring book tiện ích that should require little to no effort for babies khổng lồ play with. All of FooFoo Kids apps are không tính tiền. Some of them have in-app purchases, but we found none that cost over $0.99. It’s a decent overall option for baby games.


GoKids is another developer that does a lot of baby games. Most of them aren’t educational. You can find some educational stuff thrown in as well. Their biggest games include Animals Farm, Baby Zoo Piano, Learning Shapes, & Ocean Bubbles Pop. Most of the games are không lấy phí to play with advertising. You can usually pay khổng lồ remove sầu that advertising. A few of these are for older kids. It’s just something to lớn keep in mind if you run into lớn one that’s too difficult for your baby.

This is another developer on Google Play that does baby games. There aren’t as many as some other studios. However, they seem to vày pretty well. Some of the better games include Balloon Pop, Kids Preschool Learning, Alphabet for Kids, Kids Shapes, và Baby First Words. Some of them work really well. Others have a few bugs that may affect the playing experience. We recommover checking out the user Reviews lớn see which is which. Most of them are không tính phí khổng lồ tải về, but the không tính tiền version may have sầu advertising. The premium version of these baby games are usually relatively inexpensive sầu.

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Price: Free with in-app purchases / $4.99 per month / $39.99 per year

Kidlol& is actually one of the better Mobile baby games available right now. It boasts over 300 mini-games, interactive sầu videos, nursery rhymes, stories, & more. Most things are downloadable for offline use. Additionally, no version of this app has advertising. However, it does have sầu a lot of different ways to pay. You can buy things as individual in-tiện ích purchases. There is also a subscription service that gives you access to lớn all of it. The app is fairly good with a lot of stuff lớn do. We understvà if that subscription price seems like a bad idea, though. We’re definitely not fans of it, either. However, this one offers more than some developers offer in their entire catalog, so it’s worth looking into.

Balloon Pop games are pretty fun for kids. They don’t need a ton of coordination or anything. They simply hit the screen to lớn pop the balloon. This variant comes with five sầu game modes. There is the super basic balloon pop mode where you just pop balloons. Additional game modes include an A-Z mode where the balloons have sầu letters, a number version where balloons have numbers, a colors variant where the balloons change color, and a shapes variant where the balloons change shape. The game is entirely free to lớn play with no advertising. You can unloông chồng additional features with in-tiện ích purchases if you want to.

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Lively Mind baby games

Price: Free / Varies (usually around $1.49-$2.49)

Lively Mind is another developer on Google Play with a bunch of baby games. They have sầu about a half a dozen titles right now. They cover topics like singing songs, simple puzzles, rhymes, music, and some general stuff lượt thích animal sounds, fireworks, balloon popping, và more. The games are relatively simple & most babies shouldn’t have any problems with them. The apps also work without many issues. Unfortunately, the không tính phí version bởi vì contain ads. However, the premium versions are inexpensive & they vì remove sầu the advertising.

Magic Joy Doodle is a simple doodling tiện ích for both kids & adults. You draw things in bright, neon colors on a blaông chồng background. You can then play the whole sequence baông xã and re-watch what you had drawn. There are a few different color variations, various doodle patterns, & you can save sầu images for sharing on social media later if you want lớn brag. The color randomization và ease of use make great for younger kids & the premium version is also fairly cheap.

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Talking Tom games

Price: Free top play

Outfit7 is aước ao the most popular developers on Google Play. They vì the Talking Tom series of games. Some of their titles include My Talking Tom, My Talking Angela, & many others. Each game is slightly different from the one before it. Their lathử nghiệm title, My Talking Hank, is actually a syên where you take care of a puppy named Hank. Even more recently, they launched My Talking Angela 2, which is admittedly a bit mature for babies. It’s all very adorable. Your kids basically make noises at the animals & they make the same noises back. These may be a bit too much for some kids. However, they’re không lấy phí lớn download. Make sure khổng lồ password protect your Google Play trương mục. These have in-phầm mềm purchases.

If we missed any of the best baby games for Android, tell us about them in the comments! You can also cliông chồng here khổng lồ check out our lachạy thử Android app and game lists!